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Internet Marketing Is Marketing Online.

Very plainly, internet marketing is the collection of marketing activities utilizing the internet as a vehicle. For every offline marketing activity, there is usually a similiar online activity.

Offline Marketing Activities Online Marketing Activities
Flyers / Brochures Email Campaigns
Advertisements Paid Placement Ads
Billboards Contextually Targeted Ads
Retail Space / Office Websites
Location Prominence Search Engine Optimization
PR Campaigns Blogging, Facebook, Twitter

Internet Marketing Strategy

In the online world, marketing activities are generally targeted at driving traffic to your web presence. Many companies create websites because it is expected of them to have one. However your website is your piece of real estate in the online world. Through marketing efforts, you can drive significant traffic to your website and consequently generate more sales.

Like any marketing campaign, an internet marketing campaign has to be well planned and properly executed. The success of such a campaign will depend on how well consumers' expectations are met.

Internet Marketing Should Be Focused On Turning Shoppers Into Buyers 

It is certainly not enough to have a website and engage in aggressive internet marketing activities without giving due consideration to the product or service, its appeal, your value proposition, the competition and the target market.

Imagine a retail store in a shopping mall. It may be located in a prime area of the mall and have the advantage of many vistors. However, if visitors to the store are not cajouled into buying something through the store's efforts, this traffic will not be of any benefit. What good are many visitors if they are not buying anything?

This holds true in the online world too. We like to focus on conversion. Conversion can be defined as getting your visitors to perform a specific action or specific actions. This could be anything from getting them to signup for something (lead generation) to buying something (sales generation).

Learn why you should engage in internet marketing by following the link below:

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