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The Ideal Internet Marketing Consultancy

No "techy" jargon or IT "mumbo-jumbo". Just plain marketing sense. We are interested in helping you MARKET your products and services. That is our focus and this is where we will become engaged with you. The internet is a great tool for lead generation, increasing sales, creating brand awareness, collecting information and interacting with customers. We are the ideal internet marketing company to help you implement these strategies because we keep our focus on the end result - your bottom line.

Why Do You Need Internet Marketing Consultants Like Us?

Virtually anyone can have an online presence. In addition to this, some companies may be able drive traffic to their websites. However, we like to measure conversion goals. Central to any online traffic generation technique is this key question: How many visitors did what you wanted them to do on your website? Our dedication to addressing this question is why you need an internet marketing consultancy like us.

Should You Employ Internet Marketing As Part Of Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

There is no fixed answer to this but most of the time it is a YES. If you are a local business, internet marketing via search engines could show dramatic increase in sales.

Consumers use search engines to find local businesses
32% of users in the Asia Pacific said that online brand advertising they have seen significantly increased their interest in that particular brand
44% of Asia Pacific internet users have shopped online in the last 3 years and 76% say that they intend to shop online again in the next 6 months

(Source: ADMA Digital Marketing Yearbook 2009)

There are many internet marketing strategies out there, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We focus on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Find out more on internet marketing and why it can help promote your business by following the link below:

What is Internet Marketing?

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